Relax in our SPA

Our Spa is formed as follows: Turkish bath, Emotional shower Finnish sauna and contains a maximum of 6 people.
Access is free only by reservation from 2pm to 7pm. For different hours there is a cost per person.
Access to the SPA is allowed for periods of 2 hours, by appointment, to be agreed with the reception
upon arrival or by phone before your arrival. In order to avoid overcrowding, access is subject to availability.

Turkish bath

A Turkish Bath or Hamman comes from the Eastern tradition of purifying your body through the combination of steam and heat. Also called a programmed temperature steam bath, it is an environment in which the synergy between 100% humidity, a temperature of around 48°C and a specific aroma, facilitates the purification of the body and relaxation of the mind.

Finnish Sauna

A Finnish sauna is one of the oldest and best-known thermal procedures in the world. Information about places where sweating techniques were practiced with soothing, relaxing and purifying effects date back to the times of the Aztecs, the Egyptians, and even to the Native Americans and of course today where this technique is practiced all over the world. Essentially the sauna produces dry heat characterised by an internal temperature of 95°C with 20-25% humidity.

Multi-sensory shower

These showers are equipped with a special sensory kit that enables you to transform it from a normal shower into a sensory "cabin" where a beneficial synergy between water, lights, colours and aromas is created. In this way, the shower will in effect become a multifunctional shower with a dual use:

  • as a normal shower with hot and cold water before entering a treatment or immediately after;
  • as a sensory hot shower (by pressing the special backlit yellow button) which in this case produces a hot water shower enhanced by amber lights and a specific aromatic essence (orange, mango, etc.)
  • as a sensory cold shower (by pressing the special backlit green button) which in this case produces a cold water mist enhanced by green lights and a specific aromatic essence (mint, lavender, etc.)